1. Develop the ordx protocol, supporting deploy and mint operations, as well as index services. (January 2024)

  2. Enable order book trading for ordx assets on the website. (March 2024)

  3. Implement the functionality to issue FT on specific sats. (April 2024)


Build a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Lightning Network, allowing secure, cost-effective, and fast trading of all assets based on the Ordinals protocol without removing them from user control. The goal is to achieve transaction confirmation times within 5 seconds and transaction costs below 5% of on-chain transaction fees. We aim to complete all these tasks in the first half of 2024.

  1. Research and select the OLDEX technical prototype. (December 2023 - )

  2. Develop the OLDEX product prototype. (April 2024 - )

  3. Test and promote the OLDEX product prototype. (July 2024 - )

Please note that this is just the beginning. Throughout this development process, we adhere to the following principles, which reflect our understanding of future trends:

  1. Asset issuance on the BTC mainchain: There will be an increasing number of assets on the BTC mainchain.

  2. Asset trading on the Lightning Network: Unlimited liquidity while ensuring assets remain under user control, providing security, cost-effectiveness, and speed.

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