Proposal of split

For ordx assets, splitting is not a fundamental issue as it is natively supported by the BTC UTXO model. Even though the current network imposes limitations on the minimum amount of satoshis in a UTXO due to hardware and network constraints, it is still possible to split ordx assets into a UTXO containing only one satoshi by constructing transactions flexibly. Let's use #Pearl as an example to illustrate the process.

Step 3: Split directly on the second-layer network. The second-layer network allows for unlimited splitting without the limitation of one satoshi per unit. However, when transferring back to the mainnet, it must be done in satoshis. Additionally, if there is a sufficient amount of ordx assets, they can be converted back into Ordinals NFTs on the base layer.Please note that the splitting solution provided here is subject to the current limitations and recommendations. As the ordx protocol evolves, new features and optimizations may become available, and it is important to stay updated with the latest developments and guidelines.

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