Multiple inscription

Each satoshi can be deployed with multiple assets, and that's okay. It indicates that the satoshi is highly sought after. This means that a satoshi can be bound to multiple assets without any restrictions, allowing for unlimited bindings. However, it's important to note that once an asset is bound to a satoshi, it is permanent and cannot be removed or destroyed. This means that it's not possible to sell the assets bound to a specific satoshi separately. You can only sell the satoshi as a whole; you cannot sell the assets bound to it individually.

This feature opens up many interesting possibilities. For example, a wealthy individual could purchase an epic satoshi and then inscribe it with more valuable data, creating multiple NFTs or minting it into a certain type of FT. This could potentially create a highly valuable satoshi. In the future, we might see a satoshi that is worth 10,000 BTC.

Another way to explore this feature is by continuously inscribing specific data on a satoshi, such as a story, a novel, or even a person's history. A satoshi becomes a gateway to accessing that data.

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