We celebrate the release of the protocol and pay tribute to the pioneers with the following examples. Please note that a small transaction fee (1000 sats or 1% of the transaction fee) will be charged for all transactions conducted through our website to support the development and operation of the protocol.

The Orient Pearl

{ "p": "ordx", "op": "deploy", "tick": "Pearl", "block": "828200-828800", "lim": "10000", "des": "The Oriental Pearl." } We plan to officially release the protocol on January 25, 2024, and deploy the first token: Pearl. The fair mint is expected to start around February 1, 2024, and continue until around February 5 (based on block heights 828200-828800). This is the first token of the ordx protocol and is a meme coin for experimental purposes only, with no value. Please do not FOMO.

Miner's Jades

{ "p": "ordx", "op": "deploy", "tick": "Jades", "lim": "1", "attr": "rar=uncommon", "des": "Miner's Jades." } Only the first sat of each block can be successfully minted, and it is expected that each Jades will be worth 1 BTC.

Domo's Sapphires

{ "p": "ordx", "op": "deploy", "tick": "Sapphires", "lim": "1", "attr": "rar=rare", "des": "Domo's Sapphires." } Only sats with the rare attribute can be minted into Sapphires, with a maximum of 3,437 Sapphires. Currently, there are less than 400, and each one is expected to be worth 100 BTC.

Casey's Rubies

{ "p": "ordx", "op": "deploy", "tick": "Rubies", "lim": "1", "attr": "rar=epic", "des": "Casey's Rubies." } Only sats with the epic attribute can be minted into Rubies, with a maximum of 32 Rubies. Currently, there are only 3, and each one is expected to be worth 10,000 BTC.

Satoshi's Diamond

{ "p": "ordx", "op": "deploy", "tick": "Diamond", "lim": "1", "attr": "rar=mythic", "des": "Satoshi's Diamond." } Only sats with the mythic attribute can be minted into Diamonds, and there is only one in the entire network. Its value is immeasurable.

Digital Gold

{ "p": "ordx", "op": "deploy", "tick": "Golds", "lim": "1", "attr": "trz=8", "des": "The first satoshi in a BTC" } Only the first satoshi of each BTC can be successfully minted. The serial number of this sat ends with eight zeros. This means that each token is worth one BTC.


Having a sat with a specific number as your numeric ID would be ideal. For example, this number could be your phone number, ID card number, birthday, etc., all of which have special meaning and are easy to remember. However, finding a sat with your preferred number is challenging. We plan to offer a service where users can place orders to buy specific sats, allowing them to acquire their desired sats. Then, we provide tools for users to inscribe various desired data on these sats, making it the best entry point for individuals in the digital world, with no one able to impersonate a sat that belongs uniquely to them.

Even without a sat with a special number, you can choose a regular sat as your ID. You just need to remember the number of that sat, similar to remembering your ID card number. You can directly record all publicly relevant data on that sat, making it convenient for yourself and others to use. You can prepare multiple sats as anonymous IDs for participating in online transactions.

When using a regular sat as your ID, you can use the "deploy" command to write your name on the sat and include any additional data you wish to add. This makes it easier to remember and locate.

{ "p": "ordx", "op": "deploy", "tick": "your_name", "type": "DID", "des": "your public message" } This is a special engraving method that essentially occupies a name to serve as your Decentralized Identifier (DID). Note that names are scarce resources, whether as usernames or token names, as they exist in a limited namespace. Please be aware that the "deploy" operation is also bound to the sat, so whoever owns that sat will own the associated DID. We will expand functionality for this type of engraving based on demand.

Digital Space

As more data is inscribed on sats, a single sat can even become a personal digital space. The publicly accessible data on the sat allows others to understand your basic information. You can also inscribe various encrypted data or even fragments of encrypted data that require multiple sats to decrypt. Everyone can build their own unique digital space based on sats.


The application scenarios of the Ordinals protocol have yet to be fully explored, and our imagination remains untapped. We leave the infinite realm of possibilities to creative minds like yours.

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