The OrdX protocol does not require a specific "transfer" command to transfer OrdX assets because each asset is already inscribe on each satoshi, making it bound to the satoshi. When a satoshi is transferred, it implies the transfer of the associated asset. The only rules to follow are the transfer rules specified by the Ordinals protocol for sats. Until we provide more convenient transfer and transaction tools, users can use any wallet that supports the Ordinals protocol (such as Unisat wallet) to transfer OrdX assets according to the transfer rules of the Ordinals protocol. Currently, the Unisat wallet does not support the OrdX protocol directly, but it recognizes OrdX assets as Ordinals NFTs. By transferring this NFT to another person, the OrdX asset is correctly transferred.

In the future, if we find the need to create a dedicated OrdX wallet, we will consider developing one. However, for now, using a wallet that supports the Ordinals protocol is sufficient.

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