Basic properties and potential of the ordx protocol

The ordx protocol is based on the Ordinals protocol and enhances it, so its fundamental attributes can be summarized as "based on and enhanced from the Ordinals protocol." Let's break it down into two parts:

Based on the Ordinals Protocol

  1. Addressing through satoshi numbering

  2. Inscribing data on satoshis (reading and writing data)

Enhancing the Ordinals Protocol

  1. Expanding the ability of the Ordinals protocol to inscribe NFT data on satoshis by following the principle of one token one satoshi and issuing fungible tokens (FTs).

The above is the core content of the ordx protocol, which is very simple and easy to understand. However, based on this foundation, the ordx protocol can easily support various new concepts in the market, such as:

  1. SFT (Semi-Fungible Token): This is the essence of ordx assets. When minted, it is a standard Ordinals NFT, but it can be split into ordx assets of one satoshi at any time.

  2. The duality of Graph and token: This is a further development of SFT. By adding graph data during minting, it can be split into tokens at any time or aggregated into graphs.

  3. Permanent mining: This is the latest capability introduced by the Atomicals protocol, but for the ordx protocol, it is inherently present because the ticks deployed by the ordx protocol have no quantity or height restrictions. However, to prevent unlimited inflation of minted tokens, the ordx protocol specifies the attributes of satoshis, and only suitable satoshis can be minted.

Unique Capabilities

  1. Minting FT on special satoshis: This is the highlight of the ordx protocol, such as minting a token on the first satoshi of each block.

  2. Creativity mining: This is a special capability of the ordx protocol. It takes a completely different approach from the Atomicals protocol, which relies on difficulty and computational power for mining. It explores the limits of human creativity and innovation in the mining process. This will be gradually revealed in the future.

In conclusion, the ordx protocol inherits the simplicity and elegance of the Ordinals protocol. With its openness and scalability, it has unlimited imagination and adaptability. We hope that everyone can join in exploring the potential of the ordx protocol and contribute to the development of the BTC ecosystem.

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