The duality of ordx protocol’s graphics and tokens

The OrdX protocol is based on the Ordinals protocol, which is used for minting NFTs. From a technical perspective, the result of minting in the OrdX protocol possesses the duality of graph and token: From the perspective of the Ordinals protocol, OrdX assets are standard Ordinals NFTs, and from the perspective of the OrdX protocol, they are divisible assets with n satoshis, one token per satoshi.

The first version of the OrdX protocol does not support adding image data files during deployment or minting. In the Ordinals protocol, it only displays the JSON content of the OrdX protocol. We are currently developing functionalities to enhance the duality of graph and token and exploring new ways to utilize them.

  1. The basic gameplay: The minting process involves a picture, and splitting involves tokens. By adding image data during minting, a graph-based NFT is obtained upon completion of minting. However, it still possesses the properties of OrdX assets, defining how many satoshis it occupies. According to the principle of one token per satoshi, this NFT can be split into tokens. We can divide a picture into parts based on the number of satoshis, with each satoshi occupying a portion of the data.

  2. Enhanced gameplay 1: Collecting enough tokens allows them to be reassembled into a picture. This introduces a different gameplay compared to other protocols because each token is a satoshi and carries unique data. It is not simply a matter of aggregating enough tokens to regenerate the picture, but rather different parts are required. It can be imagined as a puzzle game where each small puzzle piece is unique.

  3. Enhanced gameplay 2: Collections can be fragments of a larger picture. By collecting enough pictures, they can be assembled into a larger picture that hides more information. It can be likened to a treasure map.

The possibilities for gameplay involving the duality of graph and token are limitless, especially in games. We encourage interested individuals to explore further and provide us with suggestions.

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