Ordinals X, also known as the enhanced Ordinals protocol (ordx protocol), enables the issuance of fungible tokens on the BTC mainnet using the Ordinals protocol. It follows the principle of one satoshi representing one asset, permanently bound and immutable. When satoshis are transferred, the assets are transferred along with them, eliminating the problem of asset destruction due to user error (satoshi never disappears). This is the world's first "satoshi standard" protocol for issuing fungible tokens.

The potential of the Ordinals protocol is immense, and even its creator, Casey, may not fully grasp the power of the protocol. Before the invention of the Ordinals protocol, BTC was homogeneous, and we couldn't differentiate one BTC from another. After the invention of the Ordinals protocol, the microscopic world of the BTC universe suddenly became clear: each Satoshi is a unique individual, has a specific number, has its own unique timeline, can participate in different historical events, and carries different values. data. This forms the basis for the varying value of each satoshi. Our ultimate goal is to explore the unique value of each satoshi, to make more people understand and use satoshis, and to enable everyone to participate in creating new value for satoshis and enjoy the pleasure they bring.

The protocol officially launched at block height 827307.


One sat, one universe.


  1. Explore the unique value of satoshis: satoshis with special attributes, specific numbering, or associated with significant historical events.

  2. Create new value for satoshis: create new assets on satoshis, inscribe valuable data on satoshis, or explore other imaginative and innovative possibilities.

  3. Enable more people to understand, use, and enjoy the benefits of satoshis.

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